What does bad posture mean? Posture can be more than posture deep. Sometimes, it can tell a lot about a person’s self-esteem and way of life – and even impending physical conditions that may result from prolonged bad posture.

what-does-bad-posture-meanWhat does bad posture mean? Bad posture can mean a lot of things. Slouching can sometimes be evident even in a person who is not normally slouching. Although posture is a very important thing to be reminded of even as kids, but there are persons who continue to neglect such teaching. Now, what is the importance of good posture? Here are ten facts regarding that matter.

1. Bad posture means a deviation from the normal anterior-posterior alignment of the spine.

2. There are three types of deviation: kyphosis, lordosis, and scoliosis.

3. People tend to misuse the word “scoliosis” to describe incorrect posture. However, scoliosis is the rarest of the three when it comes to posture deviations.

4. Kyphosis is the correct term to use for slouching. Kyphosis is characterized by a stooped back, closed shoulders, and “breast in” kind of posture. People who have kyphosis would tend to complain about back pain.

5. Lordosis, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of kyphosis. People with lordosis have arched backs, too open shoulders, and extreme “breast out” posture. This posture might be a big pain in the back but people with this kind of posture don’t often complain about it. This is often the posture of dancers and ballerinas.

what-does-bad-posture-mean-scoliosis6. Scoliosis, lastly, is the unintentional spinal curvature that goes sideways instead of front or back. This is characterized by uneven shoulders, an uneven gait, and visible curvature of the spine. Scoliosis can be further confirmed by an xray or a physical exam at a clinic.

7. Proper posture, meanwhile, is in between lordosis and kyphosis. The back is straight and aligned, shoulders are opened, and with a “breast out” posture.

8. If you have bad posture, you need to correct it immediately. Pediatricians, when correcting bad posture in children, use a device known as Milwaukee Brace to correct it as soon as possible.

what-does-bad-posture-mean-treatment9. The brace is worn 23 hours a day – with only a hour to remove it per day. To add, exercise – and even swimming – is recommended to correct bad posture.

10. To top it off, discipline is what counts the most. If you’re seeing yourself slouching you need to correct it, it may be uncomfortable at first but in the long run you’ll be reaping the fruits of your hard labour. This is the answer to what does bad posture mean.

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